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·Permanent domain name:
Suggest to save favorites,Never get lost,http://tuoqun8.com
·How to get the latest URL?

1、Email "Latest URL" to Emailtuoqun8@gmail.com,The system will automatically reply to the latest address to your email;

2、Add customer service Telegram:tuoqun8After verification, you will receive a reply from the latest address;

3、It is recommended to save the emails sent to you by this site,To get the latest address anytime;

4、Complete mailbox binding,When the site address is changed,The latest address will be automatically sent to your bound mailbox,Bind mailbox

·What if the latest address is not accessible?
1、Try adding "https://" before the URL
2、Change other browsers, it is recommended to use chrome Google Chrome;
·Modify DNS to prevent inaccessible or unplayable issues:
  • How to modify DNS in Windows
    1、Right click on the network icon in the lower right corner of the computer to see the "Open Network and Sharing Center" option, click to enter the settings;
    2、Click "Change adapter settings" on the left;
    3、Right-click on the selected network connection and select "Properties";
    4、Click the "Network" tab. Under "This connection uses the following," check "Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) "and then click" Properties "or double-click" Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) ";
    5、Check "Use the following DNS service address", and then type the primary DNS server address in the "Preferred DNS server" and "Alternate DNS server" boxes and the address of the secondary DNS server, click OK to complete the setting;
    6、Enter the latest URL of this site in the browser to test whether it is normal;
  • How to modify DNS on Mac OS system
    Mac system
    1. Click the apple icon in the upper left corner and click "System Preferences" in the drop-down menu to enter the settings
    2. Click the "Network" icon to enter the network settings
    3. Select the appropriate network connection service from the list and click on the "Advanced" option
    4. Click the DNS tab, then click "+" in the lower left corner, add and, click "OK"
    5. Back to the previous level, click "Apply"
    6. Enter the latest URL of this site in the browser to test whether it is normal;
  • How to modify DNS in Android
    1. Click the "Settings" icon on the desktop and enter the "WLAN Settings" option
    2. In the wifi list, select the connected Wi-Fi network, and press and hold the pop-up prompt to select "Modify Network"
    3. Check "Show advanced options" and change "IP settings" to "Still"
    4. Change domain name 1 and domain name 2 to,, and save
  • How to modify DNS in iOS
    1. Click the "Settings" icon in the main screen to enter the setting interface
    2. Click "Wireless LAN"
    3. Click the "i" icon to the right of the corresponding network link in the "Select Network" list to enter the network settings
    4. Select the "DHCP" tab and set the "DNS" under the options to,
  • How routers modify DNS
    Xiaomi routing
    1. Click "route settings" in the interface to enter the setting interface
    2. In the right side of the network settings expansion menu, select "External Network Settings" to enter the settings
    3. On the right interface, select "Configure Networking Type" and select "Use Static IP". Set "DNS1" under Options to "DNS2" is
    Polar routing
    1. Log in to the router, click the external network settings in the lower left corner
    2. Select broadband dial-up or network cable access according to the Internet access mode (mostly broadband dial-up), check "Custom DNS", and then enter and in the DNS address input box, and click Save to complete the settings
    1. Log in to the router management interface and find the tabs related to the external network settings (the names may be different for different manufacturers).
    2. Find the DNS configuration zone and set the preferred DNS address, alternative
    3. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.